Betting on 2014 Superbowl

In this part of the world, the two weeks leading up to the 2014 Super Bowl had the Denver Broncos as the favourite by a spread of 2-2.5 points.

If you had used your free bookie bets to back the Seattle Seahawks, you could have experienced a nice payday as the one-sided outcome of the game that featured the Seahawks accounting for the spread on the game’s very first play was an ominous omen of a day where the Broncos fortunes would plummet quicker than Peyton Manning could shout, “Hurry! Hurry!”

Elsewhere in the NFL, some of the historically better teams have fallen on hard times. Two cases in point are provided by the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

These two perennial powerhouses have fallen victim to the reality represented in today’s NFL by free agency. Players who are key contributors on both offense and defense are lost during their primes due to salary cap restrictions that make it economically unfeasible for teams that benefitted from their services to be able to afford to resign them once their initial contracts expire.

Premier quarterbacks, such as the Patriot’s Tom Brady and the Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger command so much of their respective teams’ available budget for players that productive veterans at key positions are lured away by teams with more money.

The result is that powerful teams are brought back to average status and the average teams that could afford talented free agents begin their ascension, only to see their eventual success impacted by the same effect.

To be objective, whilst this scenario is not great for fans, it does prevent the NFL from devolving into the sort of situation currently present in Major League Baseball, where the New York Yankees have been known to pay one player more than the entire player budget of some of the smaller market teams.

So, the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves in the current situation of paying quarterbacks near the end of their longevity whilst watching their talent level on the rest of the team dwindle until it is a mere shadow of what is was just a few years previous.

This makes punting on the NFL particularly vexing. That, combined with a ball that is notoriously unpredictable in its bouncing consistency, makes the NFL and ideal market on which to place zero risk punts using free bookie bets and there weekly free bonus bet promotions.

NFL slots or Slot machines - Which is your choice ?


The National Football league is the popular American Football league which has one of the four major professional sport leagues in North America.  NFL has 32 teams which are divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The National Football League is also considered as the highest professional level of sport in the world. 

Every team in the league has up to 53 players during the regular season, however only 46 can be active or eligible to play in the game days. The teams in the league are given exclusive rights to sign free agents which have three or a couple of seasons in the league. It has been four years since the agents have been in the league and have the independence to sign with any team that they are choosing. 


The NFL has a total of 32 clubs which are divided in to two conferences of sixteen teams each. Every team is classified in to four divisions with four clubs in each.  Every team in the regular season is allowed up to 53 players but only 46 of them can be active on game days. At the same time a player can be at the practice squad for a maximum of three seasons.  Each NFL club is granted a franchise while the authorization of the team to operate in their city. The franchise can cover their home territory. Every NFL member also has the exclusive right to host the professional football games in their home territory and also have an exclusive right to advertise host and promote events in the Home Marketing Area.  However, there are a few exceptions to the rule and are mostly related to the teams with close proximity to each other.  There is also a term known as the Free agents in the National Football League and are divided in to restricted free agents and have three accrued seasons.

The Slot

The slot in football means an offensive line and the player, who is the nearest to the sideline.  Such an area is typically covered by a wide receiver, tight end or running back. Such a slot formation is usually used on the field so they have multiple receivers on the same side of the football field. Usually the slot receivers are smaller and also quicker than the receivers who line up on the outside.  A slot back is a position which lies in the gridiron football. Here a player lines up between the two players behind the line of the scrimmage. Such a position is also used in the fixture of the Canadian Football and indoor football and sometimes also in American football. The slot can also be similar to the wide received but has the same traits as the running back or tight end. There can be as many as five yards of slot backs that lie behind the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.  A slot back has various advantages and works on the field. Slots are often used as an advantage to block a player from the opponent’s team and works as a precaution while sacking the quarterback. These kinds of slots are preferred before the tight end or wide receiver so that the player gets short passes due to the proper positioning. When the slots are properly used in the field the team does not have to depend on the tight end. 

Slot machines are rarely played by NFL players, the best online slots are known as the ones that made the changes in the players approach. Nowadays the approach is different all because of the technology changes.

In the modern day games the slot formations forces the opponent team to change their positioning and makes them to bring extra defense methods by some adjustments in the current alignment to guard the slot.  Another major advantage of the slot is that there are multiple players on the same side of the field. 

Betting on the Super Bowl 2014

February next year will see the NFL season come to a close as two sides battle for supremacy in the Super Bowl. Given how rapidly it is approaching, the numbers gambling on which teams will be in it, and which one will come out on top, is really heating up now - with the bookies having installed the Seattle Seahawks as their hot favourites to win the Bowl. There can be no arguments about the Seahawks’ form in their Conference and Division this season, as they sit on top of the NFC West Division, with twelve victories from fourteen games played.

However anyone rushing to put their bets on the Seahawks at 5/2 should bear in mind that second favourites the Denver Broncos (10/3) have been almost as impressive during the regular season. The team third in the bookmakers odds (9/1) are the San Francisco 49ers, who have looked second best to the Seahawks in the NFC West, but who have won the Super Bowl on multiple occasions in the past. By contrast the Seahawks have never lifted the biggest prize in the NFL, and the question is whether this will prove a psychological barrier. If you are unsure, you do not have to risk your cash, as online casino sites have NFL themed slot games that make a really great alternative.

The biggest and best of these is probably the five-reel slot machine at sites like called $5 Million Touchdown, which takes its name from the size of its jackpot. That is likely to be reason enough for most people to play it – with the Touchdown simulated NFL game just proving to be one of the additional bonuses for fans of American football. Another bonus of slot games like this one is that, with the development of mobile casino, you don’t have to sit at home on the computer playing them now – you can download them onto a phone and play them at the match if you want.

49ers thrash Jacksonville Jaguars- but our sport needs the bets

The San Francisco 49ers subjected the Jacksonville Jaguars to an 8th straight defeat at London’s Wembley stadium in the latest NFL International Series game.

The 49ers were Super-Bowl runners-up last season and showed their class with six touchdowns to bring home a 42-10 victory, the49ers’5thin a row.

This won’t have gone down very well at all with the Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, who also owns London-based soccer club Fulham. The Jaguars are due to play four games in the UK’s capital over the next three years and you can bet Shahid Khan is keen to recruit new fans.

There has been something of a resurgence of interest in our sport in England over the last couple of years, but it never really seems to gain a toe-hold in the same way that soccer never really makes it into the mainstream here.

Perhaps gambling is the way into the European market? Gambling is completely legal, tax-free and seems to show no signs of slowing in the sports-mad UK. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that the ability to gamble on games before and during them is an absolute pre-requisite, these days, for any sport to gain the kind of television audience it really needs to make it commercially viable.

UK soccer is now the richest league in the world – and the most varied in terms of international players – and American Football may be looking to the UK as a natural route to the rest of Europe – if not the world. And gamblingis an essential part of that. The nation’s biggest book makers such as Ladbrokes and William Hill already offer multiple bets on big American Football games – but the level of gambling is absolutely miniscule compared to soccer.


This, of course, could change. William Hill, in particular, is always looking for new growth areas and has recently branched out into areas such as William Hill Bingo and has acquired bookmaking licences in many countries – most recently buying in the Australian market – so you can bet it would be a nicely symbiotic market for the big boys if our football was to take off over there.

London Re-Calling

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be on the hunt for their first win of the season as they welcome the San Francisco 49ers to Wembley for the second game of 2013’s International Series

 The Jags have struggled so far this season at 0-7 but will be looking for the London fans to get behind them as they begin their three season bond with the UK capital. Already confirmed to play the Cowboys next season, Gus Bradley’s men will want to kick-start their campaign as well as get off to a winning start at their adopted new home.

 But with the 49ers in blistering form (5-2) having won their last four and stars such as Colin Kaepernick and running back Frank Gore exciting the London crowd, it will be an uphill battle from the start for the Florida side.

 Set to start with Chad Henne at quarterback again, coach Bradley will be hoping the fine performances he’s put in the last few weeks, in place of injured QB Blaine Gabbert, will continue and give them a fighting chance.


Henne, 28, has yet to throw for a touchdown this season but has made 621 yards with a 64% success rate and keeps his place in front of the returning Gabbert who will have to sit in as number two. And with the Jags having their entire receiving corps back in contention with Stephen Burton and Ace Sanders passing the NFL’s concussion protocol, the team could cause the 49ers defence some issues.

 The 49ers also have few injury problems going into the game and come off the back of an impressive win at LP Field with Gore picking up 70 yards and two touchdowns, making them 1/20 to beat Jacksonville on some bookmaker’s sites. So if you’re looking to do some NFL betting and expecting an upset, you could see a good pay-out at 11/1.

 And there’s sure to be a lot of gambling at Wembley, with the British going crazy for the sport right now. Now in its seventh season at Wembley, with a further three scheduled for next campaign, the Intenational Series has gone from strength to strength, and has seen the Pats themselves have successful visits at the home of the other football. Beating St Louis last year 45-7 and the Buccaneers back in 2009. And who knows, maybe they’ll be back at the UK capital in the future taking on a London franchise

Leon Washington Holds Poker Night


They say you should never forget your roots. And thanks to Pats Running Back Leon Washington is was the families of Jacksonville that were on the receiving end following his first Annual Celebrity Weekend.

The event, held earlier this year kicked off with a Charity “Poker Face” Casino Night in the Florida city with a host of NFL stars getting in on the action including Tim Tebow, Cardinals Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald and former Jets star and fellow Jaxon Laveranues Coles. And it looked as though some had been practising on the likes of Royal Vegas Online Poker, with bluffing coming quicker than a Washington kick-off return.

The Leon Washington Foundation was set up to assist low-income families with education, sports and life skills in the 31-year-old’s hometown. Growing up in the on the rough streets of Jacksonville’s Eastside, the Pro Bowler knows first-hand the struggles that families have in the area, so was keen to provide a program that will encourage, educate and empower families to live stronger and healthier lives.

Beginning with the poker night, the weekend continued with a free football clinic at Washington’s former high school, Andrew Jackson High. The clinic was quickly filled up by 300 of the city’s children and provided them with training from Washington himself along with other NFL stars, hopefully going a long way to inspiring the next Leon Washington.

Washington himself has had an illustrious career in the game. Drafted in 2006 by the Jets, after graduating from Florida State, he has become one of the most recognisable faces in the sport and has gone on to deliver the most career Kick-Off Return Touchdowns, tied with 8 alongside Josh Cribbs.

The weekend culminated with the Breakfast of Champions, with all proceeds going to the athletic department at his former school. The breakfast was held at the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, with celebrities serving ticket holders breakfast.

Washington, who was serving up eggs sunny side up, spoke to the room full of hungry guests.

“This means so much to me because growing up in one of the most poor areas of Jacksonville, I had the opportunity to have people mentor me and guide me throughout my life.

“I know how important that is for kids, especially in low-income communities. That’s what my foundation is all about.”

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